Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo

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Built at the turn of the century, the H?tel Hermitage Monaco today is the most beautiful example of the art of living in the style of the "Belle Epoque." For those who frequent it, this charming luxury hotel, which has been granted the status of a historical monument, is a favorite above all others. Cultivating a refined atmosphere, a flavor of familiar intimacy, gentle harmony where the soul of an era meets the needs of today, the H?tel Hermitage gives you a new outlook on Monte-Carlo and on life. -Restaurant with a terrace that offers a panoramic view, le Vistamar -Grand function room, la Salle Belle Epoque -Winter garden with Gustave Eiffel dome -Lobby-bar : the "Lim?n Bar" -Hermitage is the ideal place to lend your stay a sense of well-being and refinement. Behind its corbelled facade decorated with frescoes and perched above the port, it harbors a few masterpieces, such as the Salle Belle Epoque with its pink marble columns and its crystal chandeliers, and a winter garden topped with a spectacular glass and steel dome signed by Gustave Eiffel. With its direct access to the Thermes Marins de Monte-Carlo, the H?tel Hermitage is the ideal place to lend your stay a sense of well-being and refinement. For those who love to discover, who travel with more with their heart than with their eyes, a stay in the intimate atmosphere of the Hotel Hermitage is unforgettable.

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